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Interact with Students, From Anywhere. Keep Conversations Deeply Personal.

Async helps you interact with your students, from anywhere in the world, and keep the conversation personal. Whether that's responding to questions, giving career advice, or even inviting alumni or professionals to chime in. Stop setting up meetings and sending emails. Start using Async.

No Need to Set Up Meetings
And say goodbye to email chains
Keep reading to learn how Async can help you have conversations asynchronously, while staying personal.

When students have a question or are seeking advice, they use the Async app or website to record a video message, and send it to your office. Students can also attach files to their messages, like resumes or cover letters.

Anyone in your office can respond to questions. Or, invite alumni, professionals, or colleagues in another department to respond. Just enter their email address!
How it Works
Students Sign Up
Using their campus email address, or an invite code you give them.
Students Ask Questions
Using either their phone or a computer, students record a video of themselves asking a question, and can attach files. This keeps Async deeply personal.
You See the Questions
Whether using the mobile app or your computer, you can see an overview of all of the questions students have asked. You can respond to them with another video, or...
Invite Professionals, Alumni, or Colleagues to Respond
If you know a professional, alumni, or colleague who might be able to provide valuable input, just put in their email address to invite them to respond. They don't even need an Async account!
Talk Back and Forth
Keep sending videos back and forth until you're finished advising the student. The entire video history and file history stays in Async, so you can refer back to old videos or files whenever you'd like
Built for Advisors & Counselors
Students can send messages to your office, and anyone in the office can respond. Easily see which messages are still awaiting a response, and assign messages to those you think are best equipped to respond.

If you have any features that you'd like to see added to Async, just reach out! We're constantly working to make the platform even better for advisors and counselors.
Try Three Months Free
We're confident that you'll love Async. So, try it out for three months — completely on us. We'll even help your department or office get set up.
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